Pages: 152

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic (14 Dec 2017)

Publication Type: Ebook

Language: English

ISBN: 1474231888

Effective Teacher Development

Bob Burstow

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The responsibility for facilitating effective continuing professional development (CPD) is based firmly in schools. Frequently, decisions are based on gut feeling, advertisements received or prior experiences. Effective Teacher Development encourages readers to move beyond this and to enhance their strategic decision making in order to effectively develop CPD programmes within their school, partner schools, federations or school chains. The theory behind CPD is explored, drawing on research and evidence from recent practice, including a 10-year international longitudinal study of the effectiveness of professional development to teachers. Readers are supported to develop their understanding of the whole life cycle of a CPD programme, from setting up a new programme to evaluating the effectiveness of existing provision. Chapter summaries and navigational tools support readers looking for guidance on particular issues and questions encourage readers to reflect on the impact of suggestions in their own particular context.
Effective Teacher Development is essential reading all involved in designing, implementing and developing effective CPD programmes.