Pages: 72

Publisher: Bloomsbury Education (13 Jul 2017)

Publication Type: Ebook

Language: English

ISBN: 1472952146

Tudor Tales: The Maid, the Witch and the Cruel Queen

Terry Deary, Helen Flook

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From the bestselling author of Horrible Histories...

The day Queen Mary Tudor came to town was the most terrifying day of young Meg's life. The Queen is also known as 'Bloody Mary' because she has anyone who doesn't go to church burned. Everyone wants to impress her, and what better way than by burning a witch. But the "witch" in question, Old Nan, is more clever and cunning than the townspeople who hunt her...

Terry Deary's Tudor Tales explore the infamous world of the Tudors through the eyes of children who could have lived at the time. These stories feature real people and take place in some of the most recognisable Tudor settings. This new edition features notes for the reader to help extend learning and exploration of the historical period.