Pages: 30

Publisher: moon and balloon (18 Aug 2014)

Publication Type: Ebook

Language: English

ISBN: 9781909971547

Reading age: 3 to 5 years

Interest age: 2 to 5 years


Karen Bryant-Mole

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Beautiful photographs and large, clear print help young children learn to count and identify numerals 1 to 20.

The books in this series promote essential early learning skills and help give children the best possible start. Early language and literacy skills are of particular importance. This book fosters these emergent skills through:

Developing Print Awareness
The numerals are displayed in large, clear print, which focuses children's attention on their shape and aids recall. Encourage your child to count the items on each page. Help them to understand that the last number in the count says how many there are altogether and that this number can be shown by a numeral. Later, introduce them to the idea that numbers can also be written in words.

Building Vocabulary
There is a strong link between vocabulary and reading achievement. The titles in this series introduce children to a wide range of words and concepts. Children who have a rich and diverse vocabulary are better able to understand and use language effectively. They become good communicators and find it easier to make sense of the new words they encounter when they start to read independently.

Encouraging an Enjoyment of Books
It is important that children learn to associate books with pleasure. The greater a child's enjoyment of books, the keener he or she will be to learn to read. The detailed, high-quality images capture children's interest and encourage them to engage with the books. Success in learning to count and recognize the individual numerals will inspire a sense of achievement.